SHORT COURSES 24/09/2018

Announcing the forthcoming event

  • Short Courses Three acclaimed critical courses will be offered on the day before the conference. 

  • Course 1 NDT For Engineers
  • Course 3 TBC 

Details on Course 1



  • A one-day seminar designed for individuals who require an understanding of the principles, techniques and applications of the key Nondestructive Testing methods. This program is supplemented with PowerPoint presentations about the principles of NDT and practical applications to provide a basic comprehensive knowledge of NDT’s major methods. Emphasis is placed on basic procedures, techniques, applications, advantages and limitations as related to industry requirements for each method. Examples of NDT devices supplement the lectures to enable the attendee to obtain a better understanding of the general theory, uses and variables of the methods presented. This will end with a focus on the management of NDT and its practitioner certification programs with regional issues in order to gain an appreciation and address the challenges ahead to better realize the full potential of NDT. 
  • A copy of the “Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation” by Charles J. Hellier, McGraw-Hill, Publisher, will be given to each attendee. 

Details on Course 2


This one-day refresher course will cover the theoretical principles and practical applications of Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation and prepare candidates for RTFI examination by presenting   the following: 

  1. Basic principles of the radiographic inspection procedure.
  2. Basic Radiation Physics (characteristics of radiation sources).
  3. Radiographic film processing, procedures, and recognize limitations in exposure quality.
  4. Assessment of radiographic quality and viewing condition requirements.
  5. Interpretation of radiographic codes and specifications and report writing based on code requirements.
  6. Origins of defects and locate and recognition of radiographic images of defects with a high probability of detection.


  1. Review of the radiographic variables related to film interpretation 
  2. Basic Radiation Physics
  3. Film Characteristics and Types
  4. Exposure Techniques 
  5. Types of Illuminators and Radiographic Viewing Conditions
  6. Radiographic Image Quality Requirements
  7. Discontinuities and their Origins
  8. Radiographic Artifacts 
  9. Codes, Procedures, and Written Procedures  
  10. Radiographic Report Forms 
  11. Calibrating and Using Densitometers
  12. Evaluating Radiographs Related to Casting and Welds (practical)

Details on Course 3

To Follow 

Why should I attend ?

ASNT, its individual members and corporate partners will benefit from gaining more job opportunities and market reach for their services and products, respectively.  ASNT is here to develop the NDT industry throughout the Gulf region:  By organizing and managing the NDT profession, through much sought-after training and certification programs. 

Costs to attend

The Fees for the Short courses will be 410 USD per entrant. For more information on this please email

Register For the Short Courses Event 24/09/2018

There's much to achieve here. You will be taken to the Event Management's register for the short courses page, which will ask for some basic details. Please state which course you wish to attend on your correspondence and we will reply to you with the correct details. In the near future, you will be able to make payments direct from the website.